Screening & Safety

In order to enjoy our time together to the fullest, a simple  & painless screening is done to ensure maximum safety and discretion for both parties.

I will accept the vouch of At least 1 but preferably 2 or more Reputable Providers.
Reputable by my standards means she has an active add and web-presence and isn’t some fly by night type.

I’ve complied a list of all the documents I will accept for safety checks as well as what to do if its been more than a year since we’ve last met and you require my assistance getting verified to see a new lady. For a better idea of what I will accept for verification please see below.


Current Business Card

Employee Badge, A Glimpse of your Linked In Profile

Personal or Professional Website

Professional License

Recent Pay Stub (Cover All Information other than Name of Company, Your Name and the Date)


State Issued ID or Drivers License
Business Card
Active Verifiable Social Media Presence
(Basically anything that shows your name and your picture)

If I have seen you in the last 6-12 months I will happily provide references for you for sans fee. If its been longer than 365 days I’ll be happy to provide a reference upon the receiving receipt of a $15 dollar Amazon Gift Card deliverable to

**Keep in mind when sending verification through email or text conceal ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION OTHER THAN YOUR NAME AND PICTURE-  I don’t care where you live, your social security number, or DOB, I’m checking to see if you are a safety risk,violent offender or are affiliated/employed with any oppressive govt. sects.*ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DELETED from my accounts once verification process is complete!!**