Tori Valentine


My name is Tori and I am the Playful Pervert: you want me to be your valentine. A petite powerhouse of curious carnality, I want to be your personal pleasure concierge. I am exceptionally skilled in the rarer (and finer) forms of seduction and I play well with others. Truly one of a kind, I excel at curating unique experiences for the intrepid connoisseur, and as an authority on aesthetics, I am an adroit guide for the timid (or eager) novice seeking to learn more about his own appetite and capacity for gluttony and delectation.

To say that I’m creative is an understatement, and I can easily prove it. Visit my website to enjoy my sensationally silly and scintillating productions – my original art films are free and there is no registration required. Not only will they make your jaw drop but they will also give you glimpses of my mischievous smirk, playful personality and foxy demeanor. Feel free to bookmark them to enjoy over and over (and over) again.

I gravitate towards extended engagements that allow us to luxuriate and bask in each other’s affection. I prefer six hours for lunch or dinner dates and offer a sumptuous 14-hour overnight package. What can I say? I only want quality connection. My rates begin at two hours. If you are pressed for time – the plight of modernity – and can’t commit to two hours, I may consider shorter meetings (which are still valued at the two-hour minimum). My rates are non-negotiable and if they are unsuitable for you, then I encourage you to move on and wish you luck in your search.

If I think we will click, I’m happy to meet you (with advance notice) at a time that suits your busy schedule. I am a low volume provider by my own design because it allows me to focus on a few other exciting personal projects. Thus my schedule is flexible (again, with plenty of preplanning) for the right proposal. Short-notice meetings are certainly possible when the stars align, so please never feel shy about requesting them. But understand when requesting something same-day or next day, however, that we may need to find a future time for our fun.

The easiest way to reserve our time together is to generate an appointment request directly through P411. If you are new to or not a member of P411, don’t fret! Simply read the “Booking & Screening” section of my website to learn how to request my time via email.

Now that you can’t stop thinking about me, I’ll be awaiting your missive.

Until then,
Tori Valentine
The Playful Pervert

Cancellation Policy:
As an independent provider, last-minute cancellations are a costly inconvenience. Therefore, if you must cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice from our date, a fee of $100 per hour booked is incurred, and cancellations which take place with less than 24 hours notice incur a fee equal to 50% of the original booking. Thank you for your attention.

Lulu Valentine


What caught your eye? Was it my petite waist, or my pert derrière – did you think about how your hands would wrap all the way around me? Did you taste my plump, juicy lips when you dreamt of our encounter? Was it my long, chocolate hair – did you imagine how it would feel sweeping over your skin? Did you fall into the deep pools of my dark eyes? Are you a little bit lost in them? Do you find yourself intrigued by what secrets they might hold? Was it the softness of my skin, was it ambiguity of my heritage? (…We’ll get to that later).

I am Lulu Valentine; pure pleasure seeker, heavenly creature. I am here to take you from the mundanities of your everyday, to my mysterious, playful and ever thrilling world. I am the perfect part-time girlfriend. Nothing pleases me more than pleasing you.

I love to tease, I love to watch, I love to play, and to explore all different kinds of sexuality – what fantasies do you have that you want to share with me? I revel in the chemistry that is created in the downtime – in the conversations, the getting-to-know-you, the subtle eye contact across the table, the hand on your thigh – the premise to the evening. Nothing turns me on like drawn out flirtations. I have a penchant for fine lingerie, luxurious attire…. and having it slowly stripped from me… Full body oil massages are something I love to perform – nothing is more sensual, or teasing to me than the feeling of skin on skin.

If you are in mood for a ménage à trots, I have many beautiful girlfriends who also love to play.

I only discriminate on the basis of manners – I have no time for people who lack them.

Whether it is an hour, an evening, or a weekend, you will be in total luxurious bliss with me.
Until soon…

Lulu X

Jezebel Valentine


I am Jezebel, an intimate companion based in both Montreal & Ottawa. My destiny is to provide compassionate care to your desires and to create magical, sultry space for your soul.

I am both tender and wild hearted. I believe we are all desirable, sexy and deserving in our capacity for ecstatic human connections that will leave us in a warm, glowy haze of endorphin.

I always try to bring my authentic self into all new connections.  Genuine communication and honesty are the key to deep and fulfilling intimacy. You come to me at your core and I bring the same. We are just two strangers meeting in a private and cozy space which allows us the perfect excuse to bare ourselves and dive into the fantasies we can’t always uphold in our day to day lives.

In case you were wondering; It’s pronounced Eyes-Lee