Here are some great comics put out in the early 1990’s  illustrating a few different scenarios Where two ordinary people experience something particularly out of ordinary resulting in sudden fornication with a capital -F-. An “accident” if you will..

 Time and time again each scenario results in the duos  slipping & falling  eventually landing smack dab onto one anothers genitals. Wham bam thank you mam! The old “In-Out” never looked so easy!

 No chance for safety or consent, shoot, let alone foreplay!

A fabulous work of satire in the later years of the AIDS crisis and in my opinion great way to get the message through to the desperatly horny youth of the days. 

It was a time when sex was put on a pedestal as this really dangerous, really scary thing. Every where we went we were met with messages of shame and the possibility of death by sex. And various propaganda meant to deter us. Scare tactics that were successful in  terrifying us from wanting to be promiscuous in the slightest.

To top it off.. No one from the scientific community had any solid answers to the simple questions revolving around how to stay safe, who was most at risk, and where the hell the virus came from in the first place.

I think these comics provided a funny yet frank way of reminding the American Youth of the MTV era of the inherent accountability and personal responsibly we have to one another when we consent to playing sexy games and doing sexy things.

 So enjoy these as a comics as a lighthearted reminder to find your preferred barrier methods..get tested regularly keep yourself safe, keep those you care about safe, and never have to worry about the awkward conversations thats bound to occur when you have to explain to your partner that she needs to take these “special pills” for the next few days to clear up a “bug” she may or may not have contracted from your penis..and that’s if you get lucky  and encounter something that’s treatable.

Remember we are fragile in ways we don’t think about sometimes. Especially when our heads below the belt are the ones doing the thinking. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in the moment desire is strong, lust is stronger and hormones & impulses drive our very existence. Everyone gets turned on.. We’ve all been there, but usually we can’t see very clearly until the blood has cleared out from our throbbing genitals so let’s a knowledge that and make a choice to only make sexy decisions with a clear mind.

Sadly if we really tried tobuse this lame excuse  I don’t think our partners will hear a second of it ..I imagine it would sound something like. “Honey, you know the craziest thing happened this afternoon while i was working on my see I went to set up a blanket out on the front lawn..I was walking, I slipped.. next thing I knew..

MTV Condom Comic

That said I believe it is imparitive we  do our best to preserve our health and emotional wellbeing and consider the health and well being of our lovers not only as a forethought but just as equally as we think of our own. 

So have fun.If you have to sleep around for God’s sake use protection. If you choose to cheat on your partner to participate in the hobby at least do them the kindness of getting a burner phone and being sneaky enough not to get caught. If you can’t be good at it.

 And if all else fails.. well..just tell them you slipped and fell.