Did you know you can find me on PornHub?

The World Famous Pornhub.com.  Porn hub is the ultimate free sex community. Amateurs upload, Pornstars have sex, and interact with each other. Download full porn videos. I haven’t loaded much on there yet due to it being porn hub and all. I figure the chances of my dad finding my naughty pictures on ManyVids or YouKandy or hell even Twitter.

Now, if the lack of content I’ve dared to put on Pornhub deters you, just think..at least you can see what dirty things I am getting off to by checking out my recently watched videos. You will see a lot of lesbian, group and 3 ways. Depending on the day perhaps some JAV or Hentai. I love the cock hero tag and PMV tag both of which i discovered last fall (2016).

To be totally honest though when I indulge in smut my method of intake is typically www.xnxx.com. An ex showed me the site and I fell in love with it instantly. I loved the ability to search for long videos easily as well as erotic stories and Flower Tucci & Cytheria content because they seemed to have a ton of it and I was super into them/squirting at the time of discovery. So if you are on PornHub don’t forget to friend me and follow me..you know..just in case one day  I put up something real good! Some days I am braver than others and I’ve yet to drop a b/g video anywhere so it’s still up for grabs where it might show up;)

Another honorable mention while were talking porn goes to www.mymasturbation.com. Their site is consisted of a list of ways to masturbate as sent in by various people detailing the various methods in which they use to stimulate themselves. This was some of the first material I would get off to in high school. That and the Half assed excuse for porn that were 60 second clips I could get on “Milfhunter”‘.